Thursday, April 7, 2011

Registry: what to put on it and how to let people know

While I didn't have the slightest preparation for what I'd want in a wedding, if there was one mental picture and thing I had seen in the was pointing that scanner gun at everything one could ever possibly hope for in their new home. Punch bowls, textiles, duvet covers, stock pots, and shower curtains....this was one thing I was pretty much pumped for!

About 15 minutes into this very event, I quickly realized how overwhelming it all could become. We had a wedding representative from the store give us a basic run-down of what to do and even what to consider when comprising your wedding registry (at Bed, Bath, and Beyond). Regardless of the help, the more items we came across in the store, the more we realized how many tiny little things and enormous things we'd actually need. Here are my pointers on how to get the most out of wedding registry(and by most I don't mean quantity, I mean quality.)-If at all possible, make note BEFORE going to begin your registry of necessities that your home-to-be will need. Our apartment did not come with a microwave and for our first month we were reheating everything in the oven, not good or time efficient. If you do not have a washer/dryer you may want to include a sturdy laundry basket/hamper. Basic necessities that you will immediately need for day-to-day, should immediately go on your list, don't miss these things first before you go "kid in a candy store".

-Once you have comprised this list, remove anything that you will probably end up purchasing on your own

-A lot of what you will get will probably be kitchen items. Know the measurements of your oven before adding any bake-ware, drawers before adding any drawer organizers etc.

-Know your storage capabilities. You're going to have a sudden influx of things that will all need a place to go. Look around and see where you've got room, consider whether it may be a good idea to either add some shelving to your registry or maybe plan ahead to make a trip to Ikea(or wherever you prefer) when you get back from your honeymoon.

-Because you probably won't have the option of letting others know which items are most important to you or that you want most, consider registering with two stores one comprised of the things you want most and one of all the other things. I'm pretty sure every bride or groom has that one person in their family who everyone else will call if they have any questions about your wedding, registry, etc.  Always make sure you convey to that person, anything that you want to be the general consensus. If the registry of your "must-haves!" is at Crate & Barrel and your other items are with Target, let the person know that if people ask, a lot of your favorites are at C&B and you are also registered with Target. This would be the same idea if you are hoping to receive mostly cash, let your go to person know that you are hoping for mostly cash but are also registered with (insert store)

-Do not let the registry representative talk you into putting expensive "quality" items on your registry that you really don't care much about. If you don't care if your skillet is $200 or $20 but you'd rather have a Kitchen-Aid mixer over a generic store brand, don't let the sales person also sell you on the skillet. The sales person may tell you that it is important to have a range of prices on items so that those who want to get a larger gift for you aren't stuck buying every utensil on your registry to meet there spending amount. This is true, however, who's to say that person doesn't look at the registry and grab the skillet (that sales person talked you into scanning because of the "quality") instead of the mixer if it's on your list. For that reason, I'd say, keep the more expensive items limited to only things you really want. Remember, most ppl won't ask you which one you want more.

-Get to scannin!!! Have a good range of items with different prices and don't assume you know what others will want to spend on a gift for you. Enjoy yourself!!!
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