Thursday, April 21, 2011

**DIY time**

For our wedding we had to go low budget but didn't want to skimp on our decor. Luckily i have a knack for making the most low cost things look beautiful and was happy to do so for our wedding. My husband and I really enjoy a mix of rustic and eclectic decor and I think these cotton centerpieces would be gorgeous for a vintage, rustic, eco-friendly, or outdoorsy wedding!

It's as simple as this:
1) Order online or purchase cotton in store
2) Run to your nearest thrift or vintage store and grab a few of your favorite bottles or mason jars
3) Leave as is or decorate according to your taste (could wrap with a ribbon or twine bow dip in paint and dry, whatever your creative mind comes up with)
4) Cut cotton stems to desired length and pop them individually or in groups into the containers you purchased earlier

There are many approaches that could be taken for a diy centerpiece depending on your colors
If doing your own search, your going to want to search for either dried cotton or cotton bolls, you can also check out some of the places I found: (also does cotton boutonnieres and bouquets)

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