Friday, March 11, 2011

**DIY time**

Cardboard Suitcase Card Box
I began thinking today that if this blog ever gets popular, the chances are, not every bride will stumble across it at the beginning of there journey and may even show up at the end. With that thought in my mind, I decided to intermittently splice great d-i-y projects, resources, tips, and other things that can be useful to a bride at any stage of wedding planning.

The first one of these posts is a great idea from one of the girls over at weddingbee. Is this not the cutest idea for a card box ever?! I had been looking around for something bc I didn't want to just gift wrap a box with a hole it. Simultaneously, I didn't want to get something that just looked like a tissue box marked "Cards" and came across this. I hope you or a bride-to-be you know will find this as great as I did.

Always remember to be resourceful and think outside the box ;) !!!

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