Friday, March 11, 2011

Deciding on colors/themes?

  (Image Source: The Perfect Palette ) may be one of those people who have had a favorite color(s) since you were a kid (at which point everything you owned and all the walls in your room were those colors). These same colors may have survived with you into adulthood but I'm gonna take a guess that chances are, they didn't.

And now you are presented with the decision of what colors to choose that will from that point on be coined as "your colors". Merited or not, people will often subconsciously pull from the colors and themes from your wedding when considering gifts for you and your soon-to-be husband in the future. Being their first memory of you as an official "unit", they'll think, "What should we get ____ ? Oh! I remember they like ___, ___, and _____ from their wedding!" If you think about it, rightfully so, as many people try to infuse their weddings with as much of "themselves" as possible.

A helpful way to start is base on elements you already know about your wedding.

What season is it in? Fresh and pastel colors for Spring, bright and vibrate colors for Summer, Earthy and warm colors for Fall and cool and crisp colors for Winter...with this, also take into consideration the feel that you want your wedding to have for you and your guests. I.E. taking care to pull the warmest shades from the winter color palette to avoid your wedding decor reading as cold... or pulling a few accent pops of color for a Fall wedding to avoid everything running together (and photographing) as a dull brown.

Is it themed? Romantic, Vintage, Retro, Rustic, Whimsical, Destination, Classic Black and White? Doing a little research on these thing will help you find the appropriate color palette from which you'll be able to better tweak and substitute where you choose. A great way I've found is by looking at photographs, magazines, and sometimes paintings that correspond with your theme and pulling possible colors from there. You can also try directly searching things such as "Romantic Color Palette".

This Palette's from: Creative Color Schemes

Here is a link to the knots wedding color ideas:

On colour lovers you can just type in a color in the search bar and you'll find just about every color palette imaginable (and some that you'd never think of on your own), using that color.

Once you decide on your colors, you can flip through their photos for tons of AWESOME ways to incorporate them
if you're kind of on the fence about a few different combos, what hues to choose of the colors you want, or are just completely at a loss for where to start, it's always great to be able to kinda see them in action ;)

I was taking to a friend a few weeks ago about how she's having her wedding in her hometown literally across the country. She mentioned she was having a hard time conveying to everyone the specific green that was to be used for bridesmaids dress etc. She already had a dress that was the exact color and was worried that even the familiarity of referencing the dress would not be enough for everyone to find something in the exact color she had in mind. Being all too familiar with the difficulty of effectively communicating out-of state members of the wedding party, I quickly scoured my mind for ideas. I think this is common difficulty for brides.

Thinking back to when my husband and I had considered having a wedding swatch of colors instead of two or three, I remembered that we initially considered sending out a color swatch from the Lowes paint department for people to use as a guideline. This makes it easy to grab and take an item that is "the color" to lowes or home depot, match it up with a swatch, and either jot down the name/number/brand or grab a few. Most paint colors will pull up a swatch if you search them on Google and if not then wedding party members can easily run out to Lowes or Home Depot and grab a swatch of their own. With that, of course, there's always the option of mailing out the swatch to be sure they get it. As mentioned before, searching color palettes with also help as you can just print and mail or email them out.

I guess that's all I can think of for now, if you have any great ideas or suggestions that you found helpful in choosing wedding colors, I'd love to hear them!

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