Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wedding movie countdown

I love the thought of keeping the stress at bay and excitements high with wedding movie countdowns either as "all-nighter", once a week, or every night of the month leading up to the big day event. I guess I've always been game for building excitement leading up to anything worth celebrating. (If I had it my way birthdays would be week long celebrations). So..just in case you find hype in any way appealing. Here are a few movies that could be part of you wedding movie countdown. See that empty couch? Invite some friends over, grabs some snacks and GET EXCITED!!!!

1) Father of the Bride (w/steve martin) - the story of a father and his adventures and role surrounding the wedding. It's focus is on the wedding cost and extravagance. (Comedy)

2) Meet the Parents (w/ Ben Stiller) - a man meets his future in- laws who aren't quite what he'd thought they'd be. (Comedy)

3) My Big Fat Greek Wedding - a lonely woman's love story about finding love outside of her overly traditional wedding. (Comedy)

4) Runaway Bride (w/Julia Roberts) - a bride that can't commit finds out what she truely wants with the help of a pesky reporter who slandered her name. (Comedy)

5) The Wedding Singer ( w/ Adam Sandler) - A love struck singer begins to fall in love with an already engaged waitress who assist at his shows while each of their own relationships have troubles. (Comedy)

6) Wedding Bell Blues - Three friends promise each other if at age 30 they are not married they will all go to vegas and get hitched on a fling. (Drama)

7) 7 Brides for 7 Brothers - Classic Musical in which the eldest of 7 woodsman brothers gets married to a girl he barely knows and and his 6 brothers get the hint and go caputure their own brides. (Musical)

8) Fiddler on the Roof - Classic Musical in which set amoung turn of the century Russia 3 sisters find love amoung the trurmoil. (Musical)

9) My Best Friend's Wedding (w/ Julia Roberts) - a woman who is still in love with her best friend trys to win back his affection. (Comedy)

10) The Wedding Planner (w /J. Lo) - a wedding planner that has never been able to that special someone finally does, the problem is he's one of the grooms she's planning for. (Comedy)

11) While you were Sleeping (w / Sandra Bullock) - MY PERSONAL FAVORITE - a lonley woman, saves her dream man's life, and in order to see him in the hospital she pretends that she is his fiance. (Comedy)

12) Love Actually - I don't know if you'd really call it a "Wedding" Movie there is certainly a wedding in there but it is just so cute with so many love stories it's irasistalble. (Comedy)

13) Mystic Pizza - three waitresses in the town of Mystic, CN Each try their hand at love. (Comedy)

14) Bride and Prejudice - (The Bali wood version) - I presonally prefer Pride and Prejudice, but the above is more relative to the topic. (Romance)

15) The Corpse Bride - Dark, Tim Burton film in which a man acidentially marries himself to a dead woman. (Dark - Claymation)

16) The Bride of Chucky - Dark Film about two dolls that go on a killing spree. (Horror)

17) The Brady Girls get Married - a Cheap movie made after the TV shows inwhich both Marsha and Jane get married and the craziness around their family. (it's okay to watch once and then that's it)

18) The Wedding Date - a lonely woman uses an add for an escort service to take her to her sister's wedding. ( Comedy)

19) The Princess Bride - classic love story or adventure, fantasy, and true love. (Adventure)

20) The Bride of Frankenstien - a mate is created for Franenstien. (Kinda cheesey but everyone's gotta watch it once) (Horror)

21) Stepmom (w/ Julia Roberts) - a man proposes to re-marry adding another woman to the family and how the family adjusts.

22) 27 dresses (w/ Katherine Heigle) - a woman has been a brides maid 27 times. ( I haven't seen it yet but I want to)

23) Lisence to Wed - a young couple must go through a wedding course before they are allowed to marry.

24) Four Weddings and a Funeral (w/ Hugh Grant)- the story is exactly the title. The story follows a young man around wile he and his friends through out the film are married.

25) Wedding Crashers (w/ Owen Wilson) - 2 best firends decide to capitalize on the good feelings that are shared at weddings and use the oppertunity to meet women.

26) American Wedding - the thrid tale in the American Pie genre in which Jim and Michelle finally get married. The movie include all the humor of finding a dress to the family.

27) Murial's Wedding - a woman seeks to get married for revenge.

28) The Bachelor ( w /Chris O'Donnel) - a young man learns he will inherit a forutne if he is married by his 30th birthday the problem is that's only a few days a way.

29) The Prince and Me 2 (The Royal Wedding) - Not as good as the first but still. A young woman must prove she is worthy enough to marry the Prince.

30) Monster - In - Law (w/ J. Lo) - a woman becomes engaged, but her future mother in- law has different ideas about that.

31) Steel Magnolias (w/ Julia Roberts) - the ultimate chick flick. "My wedding colors are blush and bashful! " Her wedding colors are pink and pink." "Momma my colors are blush and bashful" -

32) How to Marry a Millonaire ( Marilyn Monroe) - a woman sets out only to marry a millonarie but there is more than money to a man.

33) Fools Rush In - a man gets his girl friend pregnant and rushes to marry her.

34) I do (but I don't ) - a made for TV movie of the wedding planner with Denise Richards

35) Sweet Home Alabama - (w / Reese Witherspoon) a yound woman gets engaged to the perfect man (Patrick Demsepy - oh yeah) Problem is she's already married.

36) Sixteen Candles - a young woman's birthday is forgotten while her older sister is getting married.

37) Honeymoon in Vegas - a man promises his mother on her deathbed that he'll never get married. On the spur of the moment a vegas wedding seems to be the solution.

38) Bridesmaids - (Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph) Competition between the maid of honor and a bridesmaid, over who is the bride's best friend, threatens to upend the life of an out-of-work pastry chef.

Have anymore suggestions for your favorite wedding movies? I'd love to hear them!

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