Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Dress!!!

What's the thing I spent the most on in my wedding? You've probably already guessed it by now... it was the dress.

I know you've all probably seen those "Say yes to the dress" horror shows when a bride with a $1,000 limit somehow decides to spend $10,000 for "THE ONE I HAD TO HAVE!" Ladies, if I may recommend, do not even walk into an establishment in which your maximum budget is their minimum! Not a good idea in any facet of life! This is not how I did it, and while everyone's entitled to their own opinion, I'd recommend against it!
Here is what I would recommend:
The first thing I started to research was what shape, neckline, and length best complimented my body type. I would relate this to building anything solid. The foundation and framework is key before you EVER start working on the decorations. I know we've all sat drooling over pinterest pictures of gorgeous wedding gowns and every one I see, I think to myself, "Oh my goodness! That dress is flawless!!"  I really do, but what we're talking about right now is how to find you the dress the YOU will look MOST beautiful IN!! It's not about how beautiful the dress is, it's about how beautiful YOU are! Keep that in mind and stick with me:

-1. If you haven't already, determine your budget
-2. Find your complimentary fit.
-3. Start looking at wedding gown designers/lines. Whose style catches your eye? Why?
 -4. Decide what elements are MUSTS on your dress in order of priority
(Do you want a mermaid gown? a sweetheart neckline?white? off white? lace? tulle? beading? write it down)
5. Start going into your local bridal stores and start putting some dresses on.  Don't be afraid to try on new things. I saw a sample dress that everyone thought looked weird until I put in on!! Don't assume. You'd be surprised!! BRING A CAMERA AND TRUSTWORTHY PEOPLE (wear heels, bring jewelry, and wear a do that can be taken down or put up easily all of these elements effect how the final picture)
-6. Take notes. How'd you like the dresses you've tried? Did you like the fit? Do you still want all the same elements? Revise your previous list.
-7. Exhaust your resources before you make your final choices. Don't be afraid to try boutiques, websites, antique stores, and other smaller scale retailers. 
-8. A big thing to consider are alterations. Do you feel comfortable having your dress altered? What is the cost in your area? Of your final selections, which need to be altered the most? Are you not getting a particular dress because you love everything but a bow, length, or pin? It may be able to be fixed. Look into these little details.
-9 Buy yourself a dress that you absolutely glow in when you put on!!!

 I wanted a mermaid gown with a sweetheart neckline, lace, and beading, that wasn't white. Here are some photos of ones I tried.

(The "ugly" one)
The one I finally decided on had this AWFUL crystal pin attached to a hanging sash in the middle that was attached liked a blue ribbon of gawdy-ness. It was champagne, it was too long and was an a-line. After taking it in, undoing and altering the bow, and adding an antique brooch (for a total alteration cost of $75)...THE DRESS!

Hope this helps!!! If you have any advice or questions, I'd love to hear them!! 
Till next time,

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