Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mock Bridesmaid/ Groomsmen responsibility list

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I found the following list helpful from the knot book of wedding lists. I think it's a good base to add onto or take from. Each list varies depending on the things your wedding will and will not include. I hope this is helpful to you!

Groomsmen duties:
Attend and organize bachelor party
Rent or buy his own formal wear
Help (when possible) with pre-wedding tasks like transportation
Arrive early at the ceremony location to assist with any last-minute setup
Act as ushers if you haven't already assigned others to that role
Play host to guests at the wedding and pre-wedding parties
Make sure that the gifts for the wedding are transported properly
Decorate the getaway car

 Best Man duties:
Organize the bachelor party with the other groomsmen
Drive the groom to the ceremony
Hold the bride's ring until it's needed in the ceremony
Witness and sign the wedding certificate
Might be in charge of giving payments to all appropriate vendors
Give a toast at the reception

Bridesmaid duties:
Attend and organize the bachelorette party
Attend and put together the bridal shower
Usually will pay for her own wedding attire
Assist the bride in pre-wedding shopping
Help (when possible) with prewedding taks  like addressing invitations, making shower favors
Arrive early to help the bride dress
Play hostess to guests at the wedding and pre-wedding parties

 Maid of Honor duties:
Attend important shopping trips with the bride such as gown fittings
Take charge of planning a bridal shower with the other bridesmaids
Arrange the brides veil and gown at the altar
Hold the groom's ring until it's needed at the ceremony
Hold the brides bouquet while she says her vows
Witness and sign the marriage certificate
Might stand in the receiving line
Might give toast at the reception
Help the bride change clothes after the reception and take care of gown

As I mentioned in the previous post, it is SO important and will be immensely helpful to you to somehow communicate this to your bridesmaids. NEVER assume they know what to do and let them know before they accept the responsibility what will be expected. Really consider whether or not those you are asking to be a part of your bridal party will be willing to fully take on this role. I have to admit, while I was soo happy to have my closest friends with me as part of my bridal party and they helped me do whatever I had left...this is a mistake I made by having only bridesmaids who all lived out of state. I was not able to have a bridal shower as my maid of honor was the only local party member and did not plan one and my remaining bridesmaids did not live locally or within close travel distance. I ended up fulfilling most of these responsibilities myself. Example given, PLEASE! make sure you keep these things in mind when choosing and planning ladies :)

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